What is an epilator? How it works? Advantages and 4 disadvantages of epilator

Despite the fact that there are a range of hair removal techniques, you’ll discover that some are superior than others through trial and error. Doing our own methods can all be used to get rid of unwanted hair, but the results aren’t always ideal.

Hair removal has traditionally been associated with a negative connotation. It has been described as very painful and awful. With the advancement of technology, however, it was thought that removal would become painless, and it did! However, the novel procedures had unintended consequences.

An epilator may be the hair removal method you’ve been seeking for if you’re looking for something different.

What is an epilator

What is an Epilator?

Epilators are the perfect way to remove hair from the root and they leave behind smooth, hair free skin.  Epilation hair removal, unlike waxing and tweezing, goes below the skin’s surface to the hair follicle’s root.

Epilation protects the skin cells by eliminating the hair at the root, rather than robbing the skin of its nutrients along with the hair, as is the regrettable effect of procedures like waxing.

You should also be aware that the term “epilating” refers to any hair removal from underneath the skin’s surface, not merely using an electric epilator.

Epilators are available in corded, rechargeable, and battery-powered models. The battery-operated devices can be used in both wet and dry conditions.

A dry epilator, which may be used without water, and a wet epilator, which allows you to remove hair while in the bath or shower, are two options. The battery-powered devices work in both wet and dry environments.

Hair removal from the root may appear to be an unpleasant procedure. And, yes, epilation can be uncomfortable for some people, especially the first time.

Epilator vs waxing, best epilator
How an epilator works

How An Epilator Works ?

An electric epilator removes hair by gripping the follicle at its root with little discs. It’s a compact, hand-held device with an electric motor.

Epilating is essentially the same thing as electric tweezing, but on a much larger scale. There have been different sorts of epilators since they were initially introduced, but the tweezer epilators are the most popular and effective.

When the tweezers gain energy, they begin to rotate extremely quickly. They open and close to grab and remove several hairs from the root at the same time.

Epilators frequently have two rotating speeds, allowing you to select the slower one for more sensitive areas.

A variety of accessories are included with many epilators.

Epilator for facial hair
Is Epilator painful

How to use an epilator 

Exfoliation can help prevent ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells. So don’t forgot to use an exfoliant before using an epilator.

Place the epilator at a 90-degree angle against your skin to begin. Keep the device away from your skin. Hold it loosely against your skin instead. Pull your skin taut and move the epilator slowly in the direction of hair growth.

Gently continue the process. Try not to rush, even if it’s tempting. This can cause the hairs to break and making them difficult to remove.

Apply a calming gel to your skin.
After epilating, use oily lotions and moisturisers to avoid clogging the hair follicles and ingrown hairs. To calm the skin, use an aloe vera gel.

Is Epilator Painful

If you’re new to epilating, you should expect some discomfort, but we don’t think it’ll be as severe as you fear it will be!

It feels more like a tingling or smarting sensation than true pain, and the sensation will fade as you epilate more.

Epilation, like waxing, can be uncomfortable for some people since it involves pulling hair out of the roots.

Because removing hair from moist skin is less uncomfortable, both wet and dry epilators are less uncomfortable to use. If the discomfort is unbearable, applying a moisturizing cream before hair removal will greatly minimise the agony.

If your epilator allows you to adjust the speed of operation, maintaining it at the lowest level may help to lessen the amount of pain you experience during the procedure.

Advantages of Epilator 

Many have been using an epilator for years and they love it for a few reasons:

▪ Epilation delivers long-lasting smoothness, which is one of the biggest advantages. Epilation removes hairs from the root, making them take longer to regrow.

▪ When compared to alternative hair removal treatments such as waxing, which can cost $40 or more per session, or the cost of purchasing razors every month, epilation can save you a lot of money.

▪It removes hair from the root which means you don’t have to shave as often and it won’t grow back as quickly when you do.

▪It only takes a few minutes to use and I can do it while I’m in the shower and not have to worry about wetting my hair.

▪It feels like a spa treatment; it removes all the dead skin cells and You might have seen different kinds of hair removal tools on the market.

▪ Epilators can be used on the legs, hands, face, underarms, and private parts of the body. There by ensures your privacy.

▪If you use an epilator for a long time, you will reap some long-term benefits. Because roots of your hair take time to regenerate , so hair growth slows down over time.

Meanwhile, hair grows back with finer tips than hair that has been shaved, making strands softer and less visible.

Disadvantages of Epilator 

As a coin has two faces, epilator also has its own disadvantages.

▪ Using an epilator to remove unwanted hair is usually considered to be a safe method. It’s possible that it’ll be uncomfortable or unpleasant at first.

The first few sessions might be excruciating. Some folks try epilating and realise it’s too much for them. It does, however, get better for those who can get through the first few times.

▪ Your skin will be red once you’ve epilated. Because of this inconvenience, if you use an epilator, try epilating at night is a simple solution. It allows your skin to recover before you have to go out in public again.

▪ For some people, the initial cost of epilation can be prohibitive. It is, without a doubt, more expensive than a pack of disposable razors and shaving cream.

▪ You may break the hair rather than pull it out from the root if you go too fast or move the device in the opposite direction of hair growth. These shorter, breaking hairs have a higher chance of being ingrown or infected.


Epilator for face
Epilator for face

Experience of Using Epilator

 Epilator For Facial hair

Epilators for hair removal on the face and other places of the body are not the same. If you already own one, you may already be aware of its value. Others who have yet to purchase one should look over the list of some of the best face epilators below.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does epilating ruin your skin?

If you want, you may apply an epilator on your face, but since the skin on your face is quite delicate, it is possible that it will irritate it. Never to mention the fact that the ache is really acute. The good news is that, with the appropriate methods and a constant reminder to pull the skin tight, you can attain a perfect hairless touch on your face.

2. Does epilator reduce hair growth?

In a similar way to waxing, consistent use of an epilator may really diminish or even totally eliminate hair growth in the region where it is being used. Through waxing or epilating, you are yanking the hair out from the follicle, which may cause harm to the follicle and ultimately result in the hair being unable to regenerate.

3. Does epilator darken skin?

You would never obtain dark skin by using an epilator; on the contrary, they will offer you a healthy, bright skin.

4. Can we epilate pubic hair?

Normally, it is safe to epilate pubic hair by utilising mechanical epilator. Yet, it will be unpleasant, particularly for first-time users. Incase you have delicate skin, you would have more adverse side effects, like discomfort, sores, rashes, irritation.

Longer hairs must be trimmed before you start epilating.


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