Quick Guide: How to Replace a Roman Tub Faucet With No Access Panel (5 Steps)

Due to the versatile design of Roman tub faucets, they require a delicate skill to repair.

But how to replace a Roman tub faucet with no access panel ?

For replacing a Roman tub faucet, cut off the water supply and unscrew the set screw to remove the existing spout. You can also carry out the same procedure to remove the handles. Next, enclose the cartridges and spout with o-rings. Don’t forget to add plumber’s putty before installing a replacement handle and spout.

Replacing a Roman tub faucet without access panel is not really as difficult as it sounds. The procedure is straightforward and just involves turning off the faucet and removing any existing nuts.

Everyone can do it, so join us as we explain how to change the faucet on a Roman tub without accessing the panel.

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What is a Roman Tub Faucet?

What is a Roman Tub Faucet ?

A Roman tub faucet is a type of bath and shower faucet which is connected to the tub’s deck rather than the wall. Roman tub faucets can provide an attractive arching appeal and a smooth, classy appearance, which explains their popularity.

Roman tub faucets are a common choice among homeowners since they function very well with solitary tubs. They are available in a wide range of configurations, comprising single, double, and triple handle styles.

Three or more faucet holes are required for the fitting of these faucets, particularly when combined with a hand shower connection.

While Roman faucets are characterised by an arched spout, they are available with a variety of handle designs and attractive finishes.

Whenever it comes to plumbing fittings, the choices might be overwhelming.

You must analyze the several kinds of faucets, their various finishes, and how they will be mounted. However, for a bathtub, a Roman tub faucet is a master piece.

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How to Replace a Roman Tub Faucet With No Access Panel ?

Replacing a roman tub faucet might be challenging due to the lack of a standard access panel seen on other types of faucets. However, here is an in-depth step-by-step instruction for replacing a Roman tub faucet.

The following is a brief list of the materials you will require for the job:

Materials Required

  • Plumber’s putty (optional)
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • A new faucet trim kit
  • Allen wrench or hex key
  • Putty knife

Step 1: Shut Off the Water Supply

  • Incase an access panel is visible near the tub, then you have to shut off the water at that moment.
  • Perhaps there is an access panel and you are unaware of it.
  • Oftentimes, these access panels are placed in a nearby room’s closet.
  • If you are not able to find any access panels, then switch off the water supply to the home through the main water line.
  • The shut-off valve is most likely located close to your water heater.
  • Switch on all faucets completely and allow them to flow till all the water has been emptied.
  • This procedure protects you from being injured by hot water or flooded by any debris that may have accumulated in the pipelines.

Step 2: Remove the Old Spout

  • With a hex key or Allen wrench, unscrew the set screw.
  • The set screw is a tiny, headless screw located at the bottom of the faucet.
  • If you can’t find it in the first place, then look at the back side. Sometimes, they are supposed to be hidden.
  • Now, you have to remove the old spout.
  • You would do that by pulling it up. If you still find any remaining parts at the bottom of the faucet, you should remove them with the help of a screwdriver.
  • If your faucet base has been caulked or bonded, you might have to insert a putty knife between the base and the tub deck. This will help to remove that.
  • You must repeat the same procedure when dealing with the handles.

Step 3: Unscrew the Set Screw

  • The set screw could be located towards the rear of the handle, similar to the faucet, or at the head of the handle.
  • Incase the screw is hidden below a decorative cover, then pull it out with your flathead screwdriver.
  • When you’re having problems locating a set screw, try rotating the base in the other direction.
  • Wipe away any excess putty or caulk from the tub deck, leaving a clean surface for installing your new tub faucet.

Step 4: Place the Rubber o-rings

  • A rubber o-ring is used at the base of plumbing fittings to guarantee a hermetic seal.
  • Utilize the rings included in your trim-out kit to secure the cartridges and spout pipe.
  • Take your rubber o-rings and put them around your faucet cartridges and spout pipe.
  • Assemble the rings completely, to the bottom, to ensure a snug fit with the tub deck.
  • Plumber’s putty provides an additional layer of protection against spills.
  • To begin with, determine if your type of Roman tub faucet supports the use of putty.

Step 5: Install the New Handles

  • Cover the current cartridges with the new handles.
  • Now, you have to rotate the faucet base clockwise or use your hex key to fasten the set screw.
  • Every model’s installation criteria will be somewhat unique.  
  • Now, you have to insert the spout above your faucet pipe and gently push down to snug it properly.
  • This spout design is unlikely to turn. So, fasten the set screw once the base is flat with the tub deck.

Step 6: Check for Leaks

  • Open up your water supply, switch on your new faucet, and check for leaks.
  • If you find any water dripping, then treat it immediately.
  • Small leaks may increase in size and create big trouble over time.
  • As soon as  your faucet and handles are drip free, you’re fully prepared to use your new tub faucet!

When Should I Change My Faucet Cartridges?

When to replace my faucet cartridges?

Whenever you rotate the handle , the cartridge present in the faucet is meant to regulate the flow of water. Cartridges degrade with time and should be changed.

A leaking faucet or trouble switching on the faucet may indicate that your cartridge requires replacement.

Since faucet cartridges are often built for certain faucets, be sure to get a replacement from the correct brand.

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How to tighten Moen kitchen faucet

Whether I Want to Replace the Faucet Cartridge ?

If only the trim is being replaced, as described above, there is no need to change the cartridges unless they are torn.

But, if you’re having problems controlling the temperature or stream flow, it’s necessary to replace your cartridge.

Once you open up your faucet and notice a murky white substance, then mineral deposits may be the cause of this problem. Putting the cartridge in white vinegar can assist in restoring it to its new condition.

Furthermore, if the cartridge has breaks or has other obvious defects, it is necessary to replace it.

Since cartridges are manufacturer-specific for every plumbing fitting, you’ll have to place a special request with the manufacturer or a specialist seller.

Please remember that cartridges are not always the reason for leakage. Leaks are often indicative of a defective o-ring or washer.

Video Guide: Delta Roman Tub Faucet Repair


Since Roman tub faucets are both efficient and aesthetic, they are a popular option. Therefore, ensure that you know how to change a Roman tub faucet in the event that something awful happens.

Every homeowner’s desire is to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. Furthermore, no one loves a dripping roman tub faucet.

Anything would be achievable with some knowledge and an aptitude for design. Simple modifications, such as replacing fixtures, may have a significant impact.

After you’ve completed your job, all you must do is take a short break and relax in your newly refurbished bathroom while resting in your Roman tub.

Related Questions

1. How do you remove an old Roman tub faucet?

Release the screw positioned on the rear of the spout’s base with the help of a hex key. Next, remove the spout by pulling it upwards and/or unscrewing any leftover base parts. You must use a putty knife to scrape the putty below the spout.

2. Are Roman tub faucets interchangeable?

You can change a roman tub faucet if the components are interchangeable. It’s a straightforward do-it-yourself project that anybody can do in a couple of minutes. It’s quicker to replace a roman tub faucet compared to replace a wall-mounted faucet, since they install identically to sink faucets.

3. What is the difference between a garden tub and Roman tub?

In recent times, there seems to be no distinction between such a Garden tub and a Roman tub.

4. What is an access panel for a tub?

An access panel is a door, board, or portion of plywood that could be removed to obtain access to a control valve , drain, or some other plumbing component.


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