Best Guide: How to Remove a Pop Up Sink Plug ( 4 Simple Steps)

Sink plugs that pop up allow to regulate the flow of water via the sink drain pipes.

When you push the pop-up stopper once, it closes the drain and holds the water confined in the sink, and when you press it again, it unlocks the drain and allows the water to flow freely.

The pop-up plug may get trapped or cease to function at any moment. As a result, understanding how to remove a pop up sink plug seems essential.

Several sinks depend on pop-up plug stoppers to ensure that their plugs continue to function correctly.

They keep your plug in position so that it doesn’t go misplaced throughout your bathroom, and they provide an easy method to load and drain water from your sink.

However, if your pop-up bathroom sink stopper turns faulty, it may be quite frustrating.

A damaged pop-up sink stopper could be a major headache, either it’s not letting your plug completely or locking your plug at a wrong angle, preventing the sink from being completely waterproof.

Replacing the pop-up bathroom sink stopper could be the most effective method of getting it to function correctly again.

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Step by Step Guide: How to Remove a Pop Up Sink Plug

How yo remove a pop up sink plug

Step 1: Raise the Plug

  • Removing the pop-up plug from the sink could be achieved by pressing and rotating the plug counter-clockwise.
  • This method works well for certain kinds of pop-up plugs that can be readily pulled up.
  • Some will need further processes in their removal.
  • The other sort of pop-up plugs must be pulled from below the sink for cleaning.

Step 2: Locate the Tailpiece

  • There’s also a tailpipe beneath the drain of the pop-up sink plug that allows for easy cleaning.
  • It is necessary to open the sink‘s tailpipe in order to remove the pop up drain stopper from the sink.
  • The Tailpiece is located beneath the sink cabinet, and it drains directly into the drainage system.

Step 3: Rotate the Tailpiece Nut

  • Look beneath the sink for the tailpipe nut, which should be in there.
  • The tailpipe nut is linked to the pop-up sink plug attachment.
  • Once you have located the nut, use a wrench to loosen the nut and remove it.
  • To expose the tailpipe joint and the pop-up sink plug attachment, turn the nut counterclockwise in the releasing motion.

Step 4: Remove the Sink Plug

  • By loosening the nut, you will be able to remove the pivot rod that is present below the kitchen sink.
  • The attachment of the pop-up sink plug is enclosed inside the pivot rod.
  • You should remove the pivot rod, so that the process will be easier for removing the pop-up sink plug.
  • That’s all. You have successfully removed the pop-up sink plug.

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How Pop-up Sink Plug Works?

How pop up sink plug works

According to Kohler, pop-up sink stoppers function by connecting the drain stopper to a connection located under the faucet, known as a linkage.

Now, the linkage will attach to a ball rod, which is what keeps the plug in position when you press it downwards.

Your pop-up stopper will not function properly unless the linkage is positioned at the proper angle.

After a period of time, these mechanisms might become misaligned or somewhat warped, preventing the stopper from effectively shutting the sink.

You’ll most probably need to remove the stopper and reposition it in order to have a better fit between the plug and the drain pipe.

How to Dissolve a Clogged Drain With Pop-up Sink Plug ?

How to Dissolve a Clogged Drain With Pop-up Sink Plug

Using a liquid drain opener will remove the blockage if you could get the popup plug to open, which could be possible.

Go for a gel opener because it is more effective in dissolving blockages.

Occasionally, soap and debris get lodged within the drain, causing the stopper to become stuck. It may be necessary to press on the plug a little deeper in order to remove any gunk.

In addition to the methods outlined above, twisting the pop-up plug in both the clockwise and anticlockwise directions may aid in removing it from the kitchen sink. After that, you can physically clear the blockage.

These are the procedures that will assist you in unclogging and removing a pop-up plug from your sink quickly and effectively.

Problems With Sink Pop-Up Stoppers

There are a number of causes why you might want to take your pop-up sink stopper out of the cabinet.

In addition to replacing a poorly fitted or misaligned stopper, you may also choose to repair a damaged seal or some other part, or just to clean out a filthy or clogged drain.

Once you start dismantling your complete sink, it’s a good idea to check to see if you could take your sink pop-up plug from the exterior of the sink‘s cabinet.

Usually all that is required, is to remove a little misaligned plug.

Gently raise the stopper and spin it around to see whether it works. Don’t give too much force, since this might result in further damage.

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How to Fix a Sink Stopper That is Stuck

A clogged and filthy sink can result from a stuck sink stopper in your sink, which can be frustrating to deal with.

It is possible to fix it quickly. Incase there is a tiny handle on the stopper, try to pry it up with your hand. This will assist you in removing it.

Incase you can’t find a handle, begin by releasing the corner with a butter knife. Detach the suction cup’s pivot point and lift it up with pliers.

Video Guide: How to Remove a Stuck Pop Up Sink Plug

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